Is the method used to stitch designs on apparel among other things. It isn’t exactly know when embroidery was invented but it’s an ancient art with early examples that have survived from Asia and the Middle East. The Industrial Revolution helped turn the pain staking chore of hand embroidery into a high speed and easy way to elegantly decorate your clothes.

Embroidery is the perfect way to add a professional look to your uniforms. Printing is great, especially on large quantities, but embroidery adds that special touch of high quality and is recommended to be matched with an equally high quality garment such as polo shirt, caps or jackets.

You can supply your own artwork or we can help you develop your idea into beautiful embroidery on any type of apparel you want.
The main options that affect cost are:

  1. Quantity of order
  2. Brand and style of apparel used
  3. Amount of locations being embroidered on the garment
  4. How large the embroidery area will be

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