Screen Printing

Is the method used to print on apparel among other things. This technique was first used by the Chinese over a thousand years ago and it gained it’s popularity in America when Andy Warhol famously screen printed Marilyn Monroe on canvas.

How it’s done is we first separate the artwork into it’s individual colors and prepare a screen for each of the colors in the design. Each screen holds a stencil of the area where that color goes then we begin to print each color one by one until the image is complete. You end up with a print that will last for many years!

You can supply your own artwork or we can help you develop your idea into a beautiful print on any type of apparel you want.
The main options that affect cost are:


  1. Quantity of order
  2. Brand and style of apparel used
  3. Amount of locations being printed on the garment
  4. How colorful the artwork is


A good place to start is by browsing our online apparel catalog then filling out the order inquiry form. We will respond quickly with a quote.


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